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Idaho Falls Steakhouse Menu

Idaho Falls Music EventsBillman’s Steakhouse and Catering is your absolute number one source for Idaho Falls music and events. Everything that you require for entertainment can be found there– from catering supplies and banquet facilities to live entertainment and more. You will have a great time devouring the fresh and appetite-inducing foods while enjoying the energy of great Idaho Falls events. Known for having affordable rates and fantastic food, including the often cited best prime rib in the country, the steakhouse ensures that they place clients first and profit second. The service has often been said to be a prime example of great customer service, with the waiters and managers set on showing off a great smile and making sure that you have a lovely time.

Established in 1993, Billman’s Steakhouse and Catering has been serving the Ammon, Idaho area with delicious food and fun festivities for nearly two decades. Often, the most talked about Idaho Falls events take place here. Some of the more unique events here include country dancing ever Friday and live entertainment every Saturday. If you’re hungry, there is always a custom meat counter serving certified Angus beef, among others. If you’re thirsty, there is a full bar beer and wine– all combined for a trademark experience. There is even a kid’s menu for the little ones, who typically fall in love with the activities that go on!

Dinners on Saturday nights are the best, as the festivities that night of the weak are unparalleled in the restaurant industry. With some of the best Idaho Falls music and dancing taking place at Billman’s Steakhouse and Catering that night, it is difficult to find someone in the region who is not a regular there.

Live Music in Idaho FallsFrequent Diners have said that in testimonials that Billman’s Steakhouse and Catering always has a happy environment with monumental service. There is always something fun going on, with a number of Idaho Falls events occurring or Idaho Falls music being played. In addition, their professionalism and great burgers, salads, and barbeque beef sandwiches make them the most highly recommended restaurant in the area. The typical meal of a deliciously cooked burger, fries, and often an ice-cold beer leaves visitors wanting to come back again and again. If you’re in Idaho, check out Billman’s Steakhouse and Catering for the time of your life!